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Oct. 4th, 2004

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Oct. 3rd, 2004

05:16 pm - printing the journal

It was such a nice sunday in the 'burg. the weather is really nice. ian, beth and i were hanging out on the back porch and talking about "The Cult." My Devonshire people make me so happy :-) The livejournal came up and i remembered that i absolutely must print this thing. so here i am.

eric wants to take me to see wanda sykes in nyc for my birthday (Oct. 12)!!! i'm psyched about that. I'll be home in richmond this coming weekend. i'll probably be working this weekend too. it's crazy!

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Oct. 2nd, 2004

01:41 pm - A visit from JASON

Poor beth answered our door at about 10:30 last night to a cop beating on our door. Nathan went to the door with her. he said someone called the cops saying a guy named jason was threatening people with their lives in front of 1305! he asked all sorts of questions, including asking what nathan's name was. she looked out the back window and saw that someone had knocked down a big section of the back privacy fence between our townhomes and the apartments behind us! crazy!!! poor beth is scarred. between this and the guy who randomly enters people's homes at night and gets into bed with them, i don't know how safe this place really is! jeez! people...crazy people...

don't be crazy near my house. mary has a butterfly knife named "Birmingham the Friendly Knife." We're not afraid to use Birmingham in all his friendly glory. lol.

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Sep. 6th, 2004

07:46 pm - longish weekend

i'm writing during a break in my evening newspaper production class, so don't expect anything too impressive. i just got back from richmond. i went to help rachael move into her new apartment in bon air. dave was there too. i was really happy to see both of them. mom sent me home with SO much food. somebody come by and eat some of this food! saturday night my roomie's and i had another dinner party, which was a ton of fun. i cooked shrimp on the grill with caribbean rice, which turned out very well. we were all chillin on the back lawn in our lawn chairs. stylish ;-) i'm glad beth is starting to do better getting over her friend's "bad behavior." i'm starving and haven't seen my boyfriend in over 2 days--i wish i could get out of here!!!

oh yeah--dave, rachael and i had a pretty heavy conversation at lunch in wendy's today. it was surprising. we were talking about deciding to live with a significant other and stuff like that. i won't go into the nitty details, but it was cool.

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Aug. 30th, 2004

05:13 pm - hi

it's funny how some days you can't wait to rip into your live journal, and then others it's like the keyboard sucked up your soul days ago. anyway, friday night was pretty cool--had a dinner party--invited our cool next door neighbor catherine, and eric and nathan and some of mary and beth's friends. everybody enjoyed the spagetti, no one was killed, we looked good. later, our house came close to burning down without any of us knowing. if it weren't for catherine coming back from a quick trip next door, nobody would have seen the rather large fire burning by the AC unit (oxygen blowing like mad). catherine told me it was a little smaller than one ft. square. she put it out with her bare feet--bless her heart. we met nick, on of our next door neighbors down the row, and his sweet doberman, ace. beth kicked their asses in beer pong. go beth!

saturday night was kind of slow. none of us really wanted to go out and huddle around a keg and pretend to be social, so amanda, nathan and eric came over and got messed up. pretty cool.

of course last night was boring--that's just the way sunday nights are supposed to be, dammit!

i haven't done much of anything so far today, but i'll keep you updated ;-)

FRIENDS, FEEL FREE TO STOP BY MY BBQ THIS SATURDAY EVENING! (just leave a note if you're coming :-)

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Aug. 24th, 2004

08:01 pm - day two

day two of school was good--three classes starting at 9:30. i had lunch with amanda. it was the first time seeing her since spring, so that was cool. i bought a betta. i should know by now i can't live without one. his name is Evo, after a co-worker of mine back at home. hehe. evo's not quite sure what the heck is going on yet, but hopefully he'll be a cool little punkass. beth is heading out to give some freshmen a ride to wal-mart. awww. my rhetoric and style class with pavel is going to be cool. i had one class with him 2 years ago and liked it a lot, so i decided to take another one of his classes as an elective. i might be going to virginia beach this weekend with eric and rachael. hopefully we'll have good weather. it's good to have internet back.

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Aug. 14th, 2004

09:20 pm - i have triumphed...

i figured out how to connect to the world cup wireless network all by myself. damn i'm amazing. so that's where i am...pretending i have a life. i'm going to the beach with rachael and eric on labor day weekend. charlie will also be seeing my place in harrisonburg for the first time. i've been hanging out in harrisonburg a bunch lately with barry and eric. fun times. okay. the attention span is gone. just wanted to say hello. peace.

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Aug. 9th, 2004

04:02 pm - virginia beach

i saw 5 dolphins when i was boogie boarding at virginia beach yesterday. i also saw a woman lose her top due to a large wave. i laughed at her. then i got slammed by a big wave, which in turn slammed me into an attractive boy who was checking me out earlier AND caused me to lose my bathing suit bottom temporarily. a good time was had by all :-)

i love summer. please don't let it end!

i get to see eric for the first time in 12 days tomorrow. ass is on the way!

mom saw my new dangle navel ring and made me take it out. she said it was offensive. mission accomplished ;-)

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Jul. 30th, 2004

11:18 pm

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11:02 pm - yesterday rawked my world!

went to virginia beach and had a total blast yesterday. eric and i got to the beach around 2 and got some sun. we had so much fun boogie boarding. eric totally got spanked by one wave that caught him off guard. it was pretty hysterical. i love the beach. eric and i had a lot of fun just being together--it was the first time we'd ever been to the beach together.

then we saw the roots and 311 in concert. the roots were great and of course 311 was incredible. it's too bad people weren't more enthusiastic about the roots, who were great but people were totally losing it over 311. the ampitheater was sold out and people were so excited. nick and SA have great stage presence.

a drunk highschool girl was behind us and she was totally trashed. she untied my bikini top twice for no apparent reason. that girl was NUTZ! eric and i danced under the full moon on the lawn to the last song--Love Song. it was really sweet.

eric and i agreed it was a fantastic day. i love my baby :-)

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